Trump Tower - AMENITIES

1. Pool - A swimming pool is all you need to relax on a hot sunny day. The pool is beautifully managed and cleaned. Water is changed regularly and moreover, there is a provision from trainers. One can appoint trainers and learn swimming. The pool, therefore, is a luxurious amenity meant exclusive for the Trump Tower’s residents.

2. Playground - There is a huge playground in the front in which people, especially children can come and play. There is a jogging track built especially for adult and old people where they can jog, exercise and inhale the fresh air.

3. Spa - These days, everybody is running behind work. People have become so workaholic that they don’t have time to look after themselves. It has been proven in science that people who take spa are free of tensions. Trump Tower has spas in which adults and the older people can go, take massage and oiling and feel rejuvenated once again.

4. Fitness Center - An attractive personality is incomplete without a proper physique. People of the societies need to take care of their fitness. Trump Tower has fitness centers like gymnasium, aerobic classes etc. All the modern equipment can be found and fitness trainers are appointed. It can be assured that the fitness freaks are going to love the environment.

5. Library - For all the bookworms Trump Tower has a library. The library is a premier one, having a good collection of Literature both old and the new one. There are many other books on various subjects like science, history, politics, psychology, economics, math, etc. The library card facility entitles all the users to borrow the book for a specified time and then return it later.

6. Grand Lobby - The Trump Tower has a grand lobby for the visitors. The lobby is a pure magnificence with proper floral decorations and has a good view from the window. There is also a facility of serving the tea, coffee, sandwich and other snacks. The lobby is cleaned, maintained and kept in order regularly. The lobby gives a luxurious look with properly kept chairs, high-density cushions, sofas, couches and Centre tables.

7. Plaza - There is an open public square in which people can meet up and decide. This place can be used by the residents as a common gathering point in any major festival. The residents can also use this place to host a party or celebration.

8. Transportation Feasibility - The transport accessibility is eased out for the Trump Tower’s resident. You can avail the local transport effortlessly. Owing to the best location of this property, people can easily avail and have access to varying sorts of transportation. Buses are available at the nearby bus station. Personal and sharing Cabs can be booked easily and conveniently as well.

9. Business Centers and Meeting Rooms - Business Centers and meeting room serves the very important purpose. For a formal gathering or a formal meeting you do not need to worry or search for an option, you have a place where you can arrange formal business Meetings on a short and precise notice. The Business Centers and meeting rooms are taken care in an appropriate manner.

  • Triple-Height Ceiling for the Grand Lobby
  • The Trump Plaza and Water Feature
  • Restaurant
  • Business Center with Meeting and Function Rooms
  • Library
  • Garden Terrace and Lounge
  • Fitness and Spa Center
  • Infinity Pool
  • Sky Garden
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